Our educational institution that would initially be named “Instituto Federico Agusto Froebel” begins its operations in September 1984, so Mr. Juana Elma Badillo Galindo with 6 students to whom she personally taught English and Spanish; based her methodology and the concepts learned through her studies as a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a Master’s Degree in Psychopedagogy. By 1988 the then “Institute of Educational Development” prior to granting the Incorporation to the State as a school officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, it is obliged to change the name since this name was previously registered by a school, that’s how the name “Colegio Americano del Noreste” was born.

In 1991 the institution was forced to start operations at the primary level, since the same population of the institution sought the growth of the same, and that is when the SEP grants the incorporation to primary school and operations are started with 12 students in the 1st year of elementary school. In 1998, the formalities were initiated to apply for the incorporation into the state of the second school level, but it was until March 3, 2000, that the corresponding office that authorizes us as an educational institution with the necessary levels to train students within of an institution that would provide all of the basic education. The institution has changed methodology, facilities, staff, uniforms and school name over the years and changes of educational materials, course acquisitions, pedagogical materials have been followed repeatedly based on the perceived needs of the market.