Educational offer/ levels


During the 1- and 2-year Stage the early stimulation of different intelligences is absolutely essential, therefore the neurological, affective, and social development of children, in this sense, the well-being of students and their happiness is our first objective.


During the 3 5-year stages of September, we approached the child to literacy, creative thinking, mathematical logic thinking, psychomotor development and personal autonomy, initiating the learning of English with 50% of the day, using innovative methods, projects and didactic and pedagogical resources with intelligent classrooms equipped with multimedia.


Based on project-based learning, collaborative learning techniques, meaningful learning, and the Emotional Intelligence program, our goal at this stage is to develop the integral formation to the maximum, trying to progressively acquire a solid basis for later learning, such as the development of mathematical thinking, the linguistic skills in Spanish, English and French, digital competences, chess class and more, thereby contributing to the development of personal anutonomy, with a critical thinking and problem-solving, as well as training in the Faith.


At this stage, when students begin to demand a greater degree of freedom and autonomy in front of adults, it is essential to educate them well in the sense of responsibility and self-discipline. The development of a critical capacity with respect to the acts themselves is fundamental to the achievement of a responsible freedom, therefore they receive an education in values, self-learning and Emotional Intelligence programs and projects own of the school.

The School has always sought an educational project with a high academic level and a solid preparation in English, French, robotics, digital platforms, especially attending to education in values, always in a close relationship of teacher, students and parents

For their egress profile, the best high schools give them the opportunity to continue their studies. High schools such as TEC®, UDEM®, UANL®, TECMILENIO® and URRE®.