Educational Model

Colegio Americano del Noreste provides a bilingual, constructive and humanist education.

We have 36 years committed to society, training responsible and committed children and young people, developing skills that allow them to cope with changes in society .
We are an inclusive school, which forms children and young people, respectful of diversity; equipped with tools to develop in the personal, intellectual, moral, affective and social fields, complying with the current educational programs of the SEP, bilingual internal program, robotics, chess, computing, French and catechism (optional), always carrying out collaborative and participatory work of all members of the educational community in a framework of healthy coexistence and in harmony with the environment.
Together with the values program that the school manages, our students develop in a healthy, positive and always persevering environment. Our commitment is the academic excellence. Our students receive training based on four components in education:
  • Learn to know.
  • Learn how to do.
  • Learning to be.
  • Learn to live alongwith others.